Kuijpers Cargo Service - Our Fleet

Our Fleet

An environmentally friendly and perfectly maintained vehicle fleet is essential for safe, reliable and socially responsible transport. This is why we do everything to ensure we achieve the best utilisation of our people and our equipment.

Variation is Flexibility

KCS has a large variety of modern equipment. With our varied vehicle fleet, we can provide you with an efficient solution for almost any cargo type.

  • Combos, transit vans and motor coaches with tail lift
  • Motor coach/drawbar combinations
  • Mega-trailers (3 m inside height) and standard trailers
  • Tilt, box and reefer trailers (with tracks and certified locks)
  • Roadtrains (load length of 21.6 m)

With Tracks and Locks

All our tilt and box trailers are fitted with roller bed systems so your (air) cargo can be loaded and unloaded quickly and professionally. Our box trailers with certified locks and GPRS give you even more assurance that your cargo is transported safely.

24-Hour Traceability

Our entire vehicle fleet and transport planning department are equipped with the most advanced technology. This enables us to track your delivery 24-hours a day so we can provide you with information about the status of your delivery any time you require.

No Unnecessary Delays

To prevent unnecessary delays to our customers, KCS operates its own fully equipped workshop with professional mechanics for repairs and maintenance. We also perform emergency repairs.