Kuijpers Cargo Service - Environment


Kuijpers Cargo Service aims to contribute substantially to sustainable logistics. We do this by actively reducing our CO2 emissions, among other things.
This aim is expressed in our mission statement:

"To deliver customer and performance-focused transport, warehousing and distribution solutions to customers in industries that require exceptional logistics standards with regard to service, (delivery) reliability, security and sustainability."

Investing in Sustainable Logistics

As a natural consequence of our mission, we have over the past few years invested heavily – with our own initiative - in step-by-step measures to make our activities sustainable. For example, our entire vehicle fleet has been fitted with clean and efficient engines, and our drivers are monitored and advised on energy-efficient driving. Staff in all our other departments are also stimulated to contribute actively to sustainability. This means that sustainability becomes an integral part of our staff's attitudes and actions.

Lean and Green

Since 2011, KCS has been actively participating in the “Lean & Green” programme. This is a stimulus programme of the Dutch Government, to which KCS has committed itself to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 20% in 5 years.

By actively promoting this programme, we want to inspire our customers, suppliers, employees and other parties to actively contribute to protecting the environment.

ISO 14001

In addition, KCS operates in accordance with the internationally recognised environmental management system, the worldwide ISO 14001 standard and Dutch Environmental Law.