Kuijpers Cargo Service - Regular Line Haul Services

Regular Line Haul Services

For many years, KCS has been providing the time-critical transport of parcels and pallets for various global parcel and express service providers between their hubs, depots and airports: these are the so-called line haul services.

The line haul services are operated based on a strict schedule in which timeliness and reliability are crucial. After all, a minimal delay can mean that thousands of customers and business clients receive their deliveries too late. Reliability and timeliness are therefore a must.

Flexible Partner

In addition to the time factor, flexibility and capacity also play a crucial role in this dynamic transport sector. For example, think about the highly fluctuating volumes and unexpected events. You want to be able to rely on an experienced partner who knows what they’re doing. A flexible partner who keeps you informed when unexpected circumstances occur. A partner who makes adjustments, provides innovative solutions, and goes the extra mile, when the situation demands it.