Kuijpers Cargo Service - Temperature-Controlled Transport

Temperature-Controlled Transport

On the request of a number of our customers from the air cargo sector, we started transporting temperature-controlled goods in 1999. This type of controlled transport is operationally based upon the internationally-recognised HACCP and GDP guidelines.

A Solution for Any Cargo Type

Our reefer/cooler trailers, with certified locks and tracks, have an adjustable, controlled temperature of between -5° and +25°C. In addition to standard reefer trailers, we also have Mega cooler trailers. These can effortlessly transport high volume cargos up to a maximum height of 300 cm.

The Right Temperature

Our temperature trailers are fitted with advanced technology with which our transport planning department can track, adjust and register the temperature remotely. They can take direct action if the technology indicates this is necessary. This means you can be confident that your products will be kept at the right temperatures so that no quality or shelf life is lost!