Kuijpers Cargo Service - Warehousing & Logistics

European Warehousing & Logistics

KCS has modern and secure warehousing facilities near Maastricht Aachen Airport (NL, Europe) for the receipt, storage, cross-docking and logistical processing of:

  • incoming air and sea cargo
  • medical products
  • high tech products
  • "high care" products

As your professional warehousing partner, we have a customs warehouse and we can also provide your export or import business with valuable advice with regards to import duties, fiscal representation, customs clearance and VAT administration.

KCS: International Warehousing Partner

In addition to warehousing for European businesses/importers, we also frequently work for American and Asian exporters who want to distribute their goods in Europe. We also take care of the fiscal, legal and customs aspects of the transactions for these global customers.

Maastricht: Ideal Logistical Location

The area of Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands is an ideal location for an European Distribution Centre (EDC) because of its geographical location and proximity to international and regional airports (Maastricht, Liège, Brussels, Charleroi, Cologne, Dusseldorf), the European hinterland, European rail terminals and regional container terminals with direct tri-modal connections with the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The excellent network of motorways, qualified and multi-lingual personnel, an ideal location with regards to the European hinterland, the positive living environment, the low costs and the attractive Dutch fiscal climate make the south of the Netherlands an ideal logistical location.

Storage and Cross-docking

The storage and cross-docking of the cargo is done in our secured warehouses, next to the Maastricht Aachen Airport at only a few kilometers from the city of Maastricht.

More details on our European warehousing & logistics services for hightech, medtech and other high-care products can be found at KWL-European-Warehousing.